When To Contact a Bail Bondsman

Getting a call from someone who has been arrested often jump-starts the recipient’s adrenaline, no matter when that call comes. It’s natural to want to jump into action, but unfortunately the justice system doesn’t make that possible. While you naturally want to post bail as quickly as you can, it’s very rare for you to be able to do so as soon as you get the call, because most people make that phone call before they are arraigned. So what can you do? First, see about getting an attorney to the arraignment. That can be done before bail is set. Both bail and bond require the judge to name bail terms first, and a lawyer can help make those terms more reasonable.

Bond or Bail?

After arraignment you can post bail or bond if the judge does not remand the defendant to custody, so which should you choose? If the judge has not dictated one or the other, the question comes down to cost. Cash bail comes back to you after all the court dates related to a case have been met, but you need to be able to spare that much money today to take advantage of it. Bond, on the other hand, costs you a permanent fee, but it does only require about 10% of the total cost come from you. The rest is provided by the bond company. After that decision, it’s time to call for bail bonds Harrisburg PA.

How Long Do Bond Companies Take?

Most bail bond providers can complete a contract and make it ready for your signature in just a couple hours. Of course, the jail doesn’t always make it possible to get a release the moment the bond is provided. There are still some bureaucratic hoops to jump, even with the fastest company. That’s why you should go into the arraignment with some idea in mind about what your maximum cash bail option is going to be. If the judge names a dollar value over that amount, you can call right away to get the bond done as soon as possible.