Tips on How to Choose the Right Clothing Color

Is the choice of shirt color important? Usually, most people are not too concerned about the color of the shirt or clothes that will be worn. Most people tend not to think too much about the color of clothing because most people do not know or even do not know how to harmonize the color of clothes so that many people look less harmonious because the color of the shirt used does not match the condition of their skin. visit Shirt Tie to get the needs of T-shirts with tie designs

The easiest way to be able to combine colors is to know the basics of color. Surely when we sit in school we must have been taught the basic colors right? From there you will certainly be able to combine yourself what color you want, and if you find it difficult to combine the basics of colors that you have learned or the alias has forgotten about learning the basics of color you can see tips or ways that are we will share and please look at our explanation.

• Don’t use more than 3 colors: because if you use 3 colors at the same time in the clothes or clothes you wear, you will look tacky if the 3 colors you use don’t match your skin type, so we recommend that you avoid using 3 colors at the same time in the clothes or clothes that you wear.

• Do not use a variety of pants colors: usually according to the development of many models of pants – pants that appear with colors such as yellow, red, blue, and so on. For the use of pants, we further recommend that you use pants with neutral colors such as white, black, and other neutral colors.

• Why do we advise you to use neutral colored pants ?? Because with you using a neutral color you can freely use any color for your clothes or upper clothes. You can just use pants with a variety of colors as I have described earlier but with a note, you must use neutral-colored clothes so in essence there must be a combination of neutral colors with bright colors.

• You have to adjust the time of use of the clothes you wear: we usually recommend using dark colors for formal occasions and clothes with bright colors we will encourage you to use bright colors.

The following should also be noted:

Choosing Clothes according to skin color

In this modern era, appearance is very important, especially the issue of fashion. How you dress will determine your appearance which leads to your comfort in your activities. this will certainly make you more confident. Talking about clothing selection, certainly can not be separated from the design and size. However, there is another thing that is not less important, namely choosing clothes according to skin color. Of course this is very important because if you choose the wrong clothes, it could be that your appearance will look bad and disturb your confidence.

1. White skin

For those of you who have white skin color, it is not difficult to choose the color of clothing you want because white skin will match any color. But to look more elegant, use soft colors.

2. Black skin

For this type of skin the use of soft colors and pastel colors are very suitable. However, avoid choosing colors that are too soft because it can cause the impression of increasingly gloomy and dry. It would be better if you use bright colors because this will make your skin look more flushed.

3. Brown skin

Brown skin is the skin of Indonesian women. This type of leather is perfect when combined with clothing that has two colors but does not clash. However, combining dark and light colors can also be an option.