Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Claim May Be Denied

When you submit a workers’ compensation claim, there’s nothing more stressful than having it denied. Without a lawyer, there are many missteps you can make that make your claim less viable and less likely to be accepted. Here are the most common reasons your claim may get rejected, leading you to need an Iowa workers compensation lawyer

Lack of Witnesses

Insurers often rely on witnesses to confirm the validity of claims. If you don’t have a witness, your compensation case will be under much more scrutiny than it would be if you had someone to verify your injury occurred the way you say it did. There’s nothing you can do if no one saw your injury, but you should be aware that it could impact the decision. 

Failing To Report Immediately

The time between when your accident occurred and when you report it is considered time you could be planning to lie by the insurer. They generally assume that if you don’t report immediately, you’re fudging the details or lying altogether. If you think your injury is going to lead to any missed work time, you must file your claim as soon as humanly possible. 

Mismatched Records

Any inconsistency in how your report your accident is seen as highly suspicious. If you tell your doctor something different about how the accident happened, it will show up in your medical record and cause issues when insurers compare that account with your initial report. 

Refusing Statements and Authorizations

You will typically be asked to record a statement containing a description of events and documenting your injuries. If you refuse this, and refuse to sign medical authorizations related to the claim, insurers will take it as a sign that you are not reporting in good faith. 

No matter whether any of these situations apply to you, successfully submitting a workers’ compensation claim is difficult. Consider consulting with an attorney to get the best chance of payout.