Occupations Code Chapter 1704 Regulation Of Bail Bond Sureties

Misdemeanor Bonds

When you could have your lawyer work on your bail from the start, you will be released before whenever you work with a bondsman. Certain authorized hoops may be bypassed as your lawyer takes the paperwork straight to the choose.

Does The Bail Bonding Agent Have The Facility To Revoke My Bond?

Call us today at 214.699.7975 to be taught should you might be eligible to acquire a p.r. If your somebody you understand is in a Dallas County Jail, name us now at 214.699.7975 for a free session, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order that we are able to assist you in getting them out of jail… FAST!!! If they’re in jail in a Dallas County suburb, we can post an lawyer writ bond, get a bail bond quantity set, and publish a lawyer bail bond. If they’re in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center , we are able to post an legal professional bail bond of their behalf, and characterize them on their criminal cost. Having an lawyer working on your bail from the get-go enables you to get launched from jail before using a conventional bondsman. S/he can bypass certain hoops and take your paperwork straight to the choose.

If you might be arrested for a petit theft, maybe a $250 bond is adequate. Most people won’t danger blowing off court for a simple misdemeanor that has a most 60-day sentence. Failing to appear will result in forfeiture of the $250, which isn’t the end of the world. However, the decide will concern a warrant on your arrest and will suspend your license (with what is called a D-6 suspension). So the next time a cop runs your license plate or pulls you over, you’re going back to jail – and this time, there won’t probably be one other bond. I actually have lots of experience as a bail bond lawyer here in Central Florida. Not all bond amounts or bond situations are honest to defendants.

attorney and bail bonds

If you or a beloved one faces such a circumstance, Houston felony protection legal professional Neal Davis has a observe report of successfully decreasing bonds or changing bond circumstances. He has successfully appealed trial courts which have refused to comply with the legislation and set cheap bonds and circumstances. In some cases an individual has no bond because the choose has issued an order for the defendant to be arrested and for no bond to be set by the magistrate as soon as the arrest takes place. This often happens when the defendant is on probation and has violated the terms of his probation. In some instances a person is remanded with out bond as a result of a court docket date was missed or a earlier bondsman withdrew the bond. Only an an legal professional can help you with a personal recognizance bond.

Bond Forfeiture – Once a bond is revoked, it is forfeited and a warrant is issued for the defendant. The surety might be launched from their obligations once the defendant is in custody. Pursuant to Code of Criminal Procedure 23.05, when a bond forfeiture has been declared and the defendant is arrested on a capias warrant, the courtroom might then require that the only acceptable form of bond is cash bond.