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law dictionaryThis legal glossary is a primary guide to frequent legal phrases. As a part of their legal education, chosen college students beneath the supervision of college on the cooperating university will produce local language materials, together with translations into their native language of the Legal English phrases searchable in TransLegal’s database and, the place appropriate, annotations explaining variations between the authorized terms and systems.

A mini-trial, which may be held instead of a court trial and performed by a single person or a panel of three people who are not judges. Arbitration awards could also be converted into a authorized judgment on petition to the court docket, until some social gathering has protested that there has been a gross injustice, collusion or fraud.

After receiving the record of important local legislation phrases which have been identified by the partner university, TransLegal will examine the essential local language legal terms with the translated terms the accomplice college has produced in stage 2 and decide which phrases aren’t lined.

A discharge releases a debtor from private liability for sure money owed often called dischargeable money owed and prevents the collectors owed those debts from taking any action towards the debtor or the debtor’s property to gather the money owed.