Do You Need Help With Bail?

When the judge sets bail, you have a chance to avoid sitting in a cell while waiting for your court date. A bail bond is the money or the property that you turn over to the court to ensure that you’ll show up for your court appearance. Unfortunately, the amount that is set for bail is often more than the amount of money that you have on hand. The good news is that you can turn to a bail bond agency to “borrow” the bail amount.

Can You Afford the Bail Amount?

Many courts have pre-determined bail schedules that judges refer to when determining the bail amount. If you can “make bail” on your own, you will get your money back after attending all court dates as scheduled. If not, you will lose the money and may face additional charges. Depending on the severity of the offense, the amount may be much higher than the amount of money you’re able to gather. A bail bonds allentown pa agencyis willing to post bail for you.

What Do Bail Bonds Agents Do?

When you work with a bail bonds agency, you end up paying a percentage of the bail. You won’t get that amount back from the agency, but you will get the chance to stay home with your family and continue to go to work while your case is settled through court appearances. If you don’t make it to your court dates, in addition to new charges, you will … Read More

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